Friday, August 3, 2012

The last 2 weeks...

After a 2-week hiatus and break, I'm back! Instead of the regular Friday feature, this is the last few weeks in review.

1. The biggest thing was that we moved. It was a 3.5 mile move, but it felt very far. I will do a solo house feature soon!

2. We were able to go watch The Dark Knight Rises.

I don't care how everyone else thought, I loved it! I'm a huge Batman fan, as in I've started watching ever since the originial Batman with Michael Keaton.

3. We went to H's sister-in-law's birthday party and they had a taco lady. As in a lady that prepares tacos! She normally has a taco stand, but they go to her stand enough that they were able to snag her.

So yummy.

4. Summer means a lot of Chinese shaved ice for H and me. Different from the Hawaiian shaved ice or just regular shaved ice, the Chinese kind has a lot of toppings - some fruits, some jelly's, some red or green beans, pudding, etc...

5. Last weekend, our friends who are house shopping invited us to go look at houses with them. It was fun! I didn't get any pictures of houses but I snagged a picture of Vietnamese coffee over our lunch of Pho, which is dripped over condensed milk, to be stirred and poured over ice.

After the open houses, we went to a Hawaiian food place to get some Hawaiian shaved ice. Then I saw this grandeur:

So bad yet so good...

6. End of July means my older nephew's birthday. He opted to play basketball...

... at the kiddie rim. Just kidding, he was just doing this for fun.

Here he is pooped out.

And for his "cake," he went all fancy and requested red velvet cupcakes. How a 9-year old whose parents have never bought red velvet anything knows about red velvet cupcakes we all have no idea.

7. Lastly, this is one of the most interesting things I've seen: the Facebook office.

Have a great weekend!

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