Sunday, August 19, 2012

Bouts of Motivation and Inspiration

Two nights ago, H and I had the the fortune of being taken out by my good friends Evelyn and Anthony for our birthdays. We took them to our new-found Asian restaurant and they liked it. We then played games at home, and it was really fun.

I realized I was happy amongst people I love and it almost made me cry.

Sometimes, in this world where I'm constantly confused by things going on around me, by things that are supposed to be simple yet turn out to be not, by people who are supposed to be your friends yet lie and flake out on you, simplicity is actually hard to come by.

By simplicity, I mean pure, unadulterated friendship. People who accept you for who you are. People who accept you for whatever situation you are in, regardless of how much money you have, what job you do, what crazy antics you pull from time to time, and how plain WEIRD you are (or in this case, me).

By simplicity, I also mean simple actions. The simple act of playing board games or cards. The simple act of us four sitting around the table, chatting. The simple act of my mother calling me just because she could since she is actually in the same continent as me. The simple act of random emails, calls, or texts. The simple act of a friend trying so very hard to arrange get-togethers. All these are seemingly nothings, but one day, God forbid if one day, something happens to any of us and we are unable to do any of these things, the little simple acts will seem like luxuries. Or for example, our good friend Jason moving to Taiwan - it makes even seeing each other that much harder.

Yesterday morning, I had the luxury of being able to sleep in (until 7am...), to surf online, to listen to my music, and to chat with some friends online. "Luxury??" you might gasp in amazement. Yes, to me, being able to do all these things none the less on a Saturday morning is indeed a Luxury. These are things I used to do without thinking and got bored of perhaps even a year ago, yet now, it is a luxury because of my busy-ness doing nothing and everything. Everything is perspective I suppose.

While chatting with some friends online, I noticed that a lot of us are getting into physical activity, whether it be working out, being active, or working towards a goal such as a marathon or a weight loss. It reminds me of the saying that you are who your friends are, or something like that. By surrounding yourself with people you want to become, you can become more like them. I'm glad I have friends that help me want to become a better person.


  1. I agree with the you are who your friends are. As you grow I've had to learn that some people drift apart and its nobody's fault. It is just that you are now two different people and it is something that should just be accepted. Surrounding yourself with positive change is a sign that you are growing and bettering yourself and your life.

    1. I had to learn that too. But with some people, we can still drift apart yet stay friends. Just at a different level. Thanks for the comment May!