Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Woah, this is interesting.

I just came across a new product called UNREAL. It's candy unjunked: "UNREAL™ is starting with candy, because it’s the worst offender when it comes to “junk” – corn syrup, hydrogenated fats, GMOs, artificial colors, flavors and preservatives. To “unjunk” means to replace all these ingredients with real cane sugar, real milk, more peanuts, and more cacao." (Per Q&A)
Sounds like a healthier candy bar, no? The website also states, "We don’t consider candy to be “healthy” for you. It’s a delicious treat that we love. What we’ve done is give people a better choice, so that when they go looking for candy, they have the option to avoid the junk."
Bravo. I love the honesty. There is no way to not eat candy, ever. Or chips. Or fast food (think road trip). But it's definitely nice to have options. That is what revamping the food industry is all about!
I can't wait to find this new candy bar and give it a whirl. Unlike other health food products, this is supposed to be more readily available, already selling at CVS and Walgreens and soon coming to other stores such as Ralphs, Fred Meyer, and Target. Woot!
And oh yah, UNREAL came about from a 13-year old. Mad that his dad took away his Halloween candy and that his dad was right about how bad candy is for him, he set out to make the healthiest candy he could. way to go kid! And Tom Brady does their commercial. How cool is that!

Friday, July 20, 2012

It's Friday... And I got nothing

on the way to work

I've been busy with moving. Well, we are officially moving tomorrow but we've already been moving some small stuff after work the last two days. And let me tell you, it's been tiring. The super hot and humid weather doesn't help, and my arms and back already hurt. I even have several bruises on my legs from the boxes, somehow. I can't wait until Saturday is over with.

Needless to say, moving + lots of things on my mind made me neglect this little haven of my life. But a little break is good, right?? Right??

Here are some things I came across this week on the internet-world:

+ So it is true. The people who you spend your time with determines how successful you will be. Specifically, the 5 closest people. I guess for me that will be H and my coworkers???

+ It's hard to make true friends after 30. I'm screwed.

+ Did I ever introduce you to my all-time favorite travel/fun blog?? Geraldine is the funniest person I ever read. I hope to meet her one day!

+ Who is this?? Apparently Snooki without makeup. Huh?

+ Is fast food really cheaper than healthy food? I love this.

Have a great weekend!

Monday, July 16, 2012

NARS Fall 2012 Color Collection

It's still crazy hot in LA right now (at least in the day time), so I can't believe that NARS already have their Fall collection out already. That doesn't mean I don't love it though!

I see this eyeshadow palette everywhere on their promo. This is the High Society palette - lavender, matte forest green, iridescent amethyst. Other trios available. $45 
I'm not a huge blush person, but this Outlaw shade looks pretty. $28
I love dark nail polish, Storm Bird. $18
What is makeup without lipstick? This is sheer in shade Autumn Leaves. $24

Images: NARS

Friday, July 13, 2012

Weekend Reading

Serious Stuff!
+ It's a showdown: American Big Mac special sauce vs Canadian Big Mac special sauce. Who won? Neither, in my book.

+ A new vaccine for obesity. Oh yay, let's all skip the gym and be couch potatoes with syringes in our hands.

Fun Stuff!
* Kristen Wiig (a la Bridesmaids) goes glam for Glamour

* Fashion illustrations by Joana Avillez, who works with Refinery29 for their illustrations - love it!

* For my vegetarian friends, a sushi restaurant that doesn't serve fish. Huh. Perhaps they should open one up in Cali.

* LV building in crazy dots

* 10 feel-good movies

* Kim Kardashian sans makeup. I don't know about anyone else, but I love these celebrity-sans-makeup photos.

* A toothpick sculpture of San Francisco - this is insane! And it took 35 years to build!

* A new line of clothing - inspired by the new Batman movie. (Cue the music: nah nah nah nah Batman!)

* And lastly, how to eat lobster in style - just in case you ever wondered, you know.

Random Picture Friday {7/13}

Happy Friday the 13th! I was born on a Friday the 13th, so it's considered a lucky number for me. Not much happened this week, although I did get my fixed car back!! Yay!! I'm so used to driving a SUV that driving the rental sedan made me feel so short, like I can't see anything.

I'm still getting over a really bad/weird cold and H an ear infection, so not many fabulous things this week... Here is random picture Friday - a random collection of recent pictures from the phone!

Happy weekend!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Kate Upton Incident

Scanning the web today, I saw a lot of articles regarding Kate Upton and how a particular website Skinny Gossip compared her to a cow.

First of all, I had to look up who Kate Upton was: she's a model/actress. (Just in case you wonder, she's in Tower Heist - awesome movie by the way - and The Three Stooges.)

Then I read the original article.

The author called this cannibalism. Excuse me, I think she is only eating a sandwich??

Then the author called Kate a "piggie" here. How does this constitute as being a piggie?? If by piggie you mean cute, then, um, okay, I guessss so. But no, not really.

You can read the rest of the article where she goes on to call Kate plus-size then proceed to get angry like I did. As a dietitian, I know there are lots and lots of personal ideas and beliefs about body size and body image. I have them myself. I don't want to attack on this author persay (although it would be interesting to peruse the "About Me" section where it's suspected that she is pro-anorexia) and I'm sure she doesn't need another virtual enemy after this escapade, but there is a line between where your own ideas belong and where you start calling people names. Granted, "weight" is a double-edged sword, and granted it is your own blog. But talking like that especially in the virtual world where everything is permanent and you can't take it back, in all honesty, makes you sound either jealous or ass-holey.

And Kate isn't even fat! I would love her body. Or okay, her boobs.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Eva Franco

I came across this little shop Eva Franco. Holy smokes, pretty!! They have shops in LA (for us locals) and their goodies are also in Anthropologie, Modcloth, and of course, Amazon.

These are from the Summer 2012 collection.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Weekend Reading

view from my work
I recently came across some interesting stuff on the Internet. Friends, the internet is a fascinating place. It is also a black hole that sucks up whatever little free time you may have. You may sit down to check email and the next thing you know, it's two hours later and you somehow still havn't checked your email and your browser is set on something ridiculous like Pearls Before Swine comics (PS they are awesome). That's like the time I walked into Target to buy creamer for H and walked out with a set of dumbbells. Don't ask how that happened cuz he's still trying to figure it out too.

+ Oil and Garlic shares how it may be better to accept life as it is today, not how you imagined it would be when you were young

+ Fooducate shares a 4-part lesson on whole grains (1, 2, 3, 4)

+ An article about Busy-ness. I too fall victim to the "I am busy!" charade, but I also believe I am a lazy ambitious person.

+ Women's real thighs

+ How to make optimism work for you

+ The reversal of type 1 diabetes?

+ What happens when 20 minutes worth of fireworks accidentally goes off all at the same time. Oops!

Happy weekend!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Fab Five Friday {7/6}

This week was a fabulous one as I was home 3 days out of 5. Un-fabulous in that I was home with a really bad cold versus strep throat for 2 days, and the last day I took off to take care of my car. Yep, the car accident from almost 2 months ago could just be getting resolved, yippie! So this is #1.

2. Sleep. Being home for 2 days by myself while feeling like sh*t, there's not that much to do but sleep. And sleep is what I do best. I think my sleep account is almost at net zero now!

3. I didn't really have a 4th of July celebration (ie no fireworks), but we did have a family BBQ for my nephew's birthday. He's turning 7!

4. Jouer Tinted Moisturizer - one of the best I've tried

5. For you fans of The Office, that show would not be the same without Kelly Kapoor. Or Mindy Kaling. Her book sounds just like Kelly talking to me. Is that creepy? Well it's not supposed to be. I really love this book and I would never watch The Office again after reading this.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

{Stylebook} July 4th

This is my first attempt at making a stylebook and I must say, I suck.

I don't really know how to do it (aka make it look nicely) nor the patience/time to get everything right. So I resorted to using a website called Kaboodle to help me. Kaboodle is just like Beso or Net-a-Porter where you can browse a whole bunch of different shops all in one site. Say, you are looking for a red top. Just type it in and it will do the search for you. It's like Google for shopping.

Anyway, I'm not big on July 4th fashion (as in the flags and stars) but I thought these outfits would be nice for your barbecues and July 4th get-togethers. Something easy-breezy. Something I wouldn't be doing as I will be working that day with a really terrible cold then going to my nephew bday party/barbecue.

Happy July 4th!!

July 4th
July 4th by lyndagp

* I was not compensated in any way for my mention of Kaboodle. Just sharing a tool, 'tis all.