Friday, January 31, 2014

January, or is it summer-ter?

as january comes to a close, i look back and realize, it hasn't been feeling like january at all here in los angeles. while the rest of the nation has been dealing with the polar vortex, and while my facebook feeds have been filled with pictures of snow from other parts of the US, it's been cold in mornings and nights but spring/summer-like during the days. maybe that's why i'm refusing to accept that january is almost over.

i didn't take much pictures this month so here's a random sky picture.
here is a brief recount of what went down this past month:
* was horribly sick for 3 almost 4 months
* got a lucky bag from my in-laws
* work got busier and busier, crazier and crazier
* went to lawry's to celebrate jason's visit back to town (and was somewhat not too impressed with the food)
* hiking with h
* reconnected while hiking with jen who was also back in town
* watched a free movie screening for good people
* 4-5 hour dinner and catching up with two of my favorite people cay and ada (with h)
* said goodbye to iphone and welcomed an android phone

i realize that my most treasured moments lie in hanging out with those i love and connecting in new ways, not so much in having new fancy things. you would think that's how everyone feels but i think that's just what everyone says, not necessarily how they act.

h from when we went hiking

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

"eat anything you want. just cook it yourself."

i came across this little video narrated by michael pollan. you know, the guy known for the haiku-like quote: "eat food. not too much. mostly plants."

he's sorta like a mini-hero in my world.