Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Jo Totes & Other Camera Purse Bags

I bought my dSLR about 2-3 years ago off Craigslist, yet it is only in the last few months that I've started bringing it out to public (outside of family events). Most friends didn't even know I had one. One of the reasons why I didn't want to carry it around was that I had to carry the camera bag (granted it was small - a gift from my brother) and my purse. I'm usually very lazy but I would like to be efficiently lazy.

So, to help motivate me to learn my camera better, H found me a camera purse bag. Enter: Jo Totes.

Jo Totes are specifically designed for women. They are essentially nice looking camera bags that double as a purse. Or you can use it to carry more lenses too. I'm showing here the Millie Pewter, which I have. (Millie is the style name, and Pewter is the color.)

See? The insides are padded with black brushed nylon which helps to protect the camera. The outside is made of top quality faux leather and is waterproof. It feels very nice, and the straps are adjustable so you can wear it on your shoulder like a purse or across your chest like a messenger bag (my preference). And the Millie style comes with 2 pads that you adjust to your liking. I use the middle compartment for my camera, one side compartment for my (fat) wallet and coin purse, and the other side compartment for car keys, iPhone, small tube of hand lotion, and lip balm. There are also zippered enclosures in the front and the back of the bag. The only thing I did not like about the 2 pads was that since it was adjusted by velcro, and there were velcro on 3 sides of the pad (left, right, and bottom), it was actually quite hard to maneuver the pads inside the purse area since the velcro easily sticks to the inside of the purse. Price-wise, at least the Millie seems pretty reasonable, given how much a regular camera bag would be and how much quality purses costs (although it is still my most expensive purse-bag ever though...) and the quality of it.

If you are ever looking for camera/purse combo bags, here are some other considerations (in alphabetical order):

Cheeky Lime - "Where fashion meets function."

Dre Hartmann - hobo and satchel styles

Emera - totes and messenger bags. "Camera bags with modern style."

Epiphanie Bags - many different styles, backpack and laptop bags too

Jill E - a very comprehensive all-types-of-bag store

Kelly Moore - free shipping in the US
Ketti Handbags - fashionable handmade bags

ONA - shoulder & messenger bags, backpacks, and other small gears

Photojojo - has 5 adjustable and padded compartments, free shipping
Pompidoo - based in Europe so note currency exchange and shipping
Porteen Gear - "Gear for the professional photographer", where you can actually design your own camera bag

ShootSac - an assortment of camera bags, lens bags, and laptop sleeves

THEIT - stylish, note - Canadian company thus Canadian dollars/shipping charges

** Disclaimer: I was not compensated in any way by Jo Totes. This review was my own honest opinion. None of these bag companies know of my existence.

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