Friday, June 28, 2013

Fab Five Friday {6/28}

finally, friday! nothing really happened this week. so it'll be a quick round-up.

1. went shopping and scored 2 skirts + 2 dresses for $27.50. you can't beat that.

2. had lunch with my family last weekend. this was the lunch special - all for $9.95!

i was so stuffed afterwards.

3. i now live with this dog, teddy.

he has taken to leaping at me when i get home from work.

4. lunch in paris was a delicious read. it made me want to go to paris and eat good food.

5. i enjoyed watching this this week. although to be honest, i was never a big fan of either.

i promise next week will be more eventful (or rather, busy...)!

Friday, June 21, 2013

I'm Back!!! Plus Fab Five Friday {6/21}

i can't believe i've neglected this blog for so long. six months to be exact!! so much has happened in my time away that it's incredulous. but, in the end, they turned out (or will turn out) all okay.

here are the things I've been obsessed with in the last (few) weeks:

1. scandal :: if you've watched it, you know what i'm talking about. if you haven't seen it, what are you waiting for??

courtesy of chicagonow

2. some much needed catching-up with some old friends, even if they were via texts and emails ::

3. these belvita breakfast biscuits :: they tastes more like cookies (to me) and they keep me quite full in the morning when i drink water or tea with them. not the mmm-i'm-so-stuffed-i-can't-eat-another-bite full, but more like the i'm-okay-i-can-wait-another-hour-or-two-until-lunch full. they did nothing for my husband though so maybe it depends on the person. i like them cuz they take the work out of planning, buying, and making breakfast. i just keep a box at work and eat it when i get there! (alternated with other foods)

courtesy of sweetmakesthree

4. django unchained :: an over-the-top, somewhat-gory flick that i ended up liking more than i thought i would. the husband enjoyed it too. and after having watched scandal, i like kerry washington a lot more than if i had watched this movie first, i think.

courtesy of jvc online

5. these flats my friend frickin' gave me! they are now one of my most favorite pair of shoes. they are comfy, they are cute, and they have leopard print on them. LEOPARD PRINT! need i say more?

so i will do my best (again) to keep this blog going. it's harder where i live now because i don't really have my own desk/table anymore, and with everything going on, time feels really limited. everyday seems like a struggle sometimes but some days are better than others. we'll see how it goes ;)