Saturday, December 14, 2013

[movie] Zombieland

courtesy of businessinsider

ever since we started getting into walking dead, hubs and i have been captivated by zombies (he more than i, a lot more). we've seen world war z (and liked it), but a much lighter and more entertaining (and possibly bloodier) option for those not so much into zombies would be zombieland.

the story goes that mad cow disease became mad person became mad zombie. the movie follows 4 characters - a dorky student, a redneck, and 2 con-woman sisters - in their travels to look for a zombie-free place. but of course, there is no such thing. and of course, there is lots of zombie-head-bashing, gun-firing madness. (and by madness i mean fun-ness.)

my fav character is tallahassee played by woody harrelson. he's such a bad-ass that he reminds me of a combination of both meryl and darryl from walking dead. and he's just so fun. i also love the actress abigail breslin in general (although i'm not sure what to make of her now that she's so grown up...).

genre: action/comedy (it's also tagged under horror but i wouldn't consider it as such)
big names: jesse eisenberg, woody harrelsonemma stone, abigail breslin, bill murray
stars: 3 out of 5 for action, entertainment, and brain-free fun (excuse the pun hehe)

Friday, December 13, 2013

fab five Friday {12/13}

this is my feeble attempt to restart blogging...

...and here are some things that made my week. no, actually, my recent days.

1. shabu (almost) everyday. it's been really, really, really cold.

2. a random date night in the middle of the week

3. a spontaneous and too-short-yet-it-was-alright trip to vegas with the in-law's

4. a new tv show almost human :: it's entertaining and full of action!

5. speaking of tv shows, i'm all caught up in scandal. does anyone watch it? am i the only one superly annoyed by fitz??