Friday, August 31, 2012

Fab Five Friday {8/31}

1. Short bike ride with H and exploring the neighborhood

2. Meeting up with my friend Fanny for tea - we make it a point to sit and chat at least every 3 months

3. LA morning commute - it's not fabulous because it's worse with back-to-school, and LA has A LOT of crazy, angry drivers, but it's fabulous nevertheless when I compare it to commuting to Long Beach which I was doing for 2 years

4. Finishing the book Wild (read my review and story here)

5. 2nd Pop Physique class


  1. Where is an image of your bike? What kind do you have?

    Also how is the Pop Physique class? I never hear about you working out so I'm curious what type you typically do what you prefer or would recommend in terms of workouts.

    1. i try to be more physically active in general instead of just working out or hitting the gym. but i try to take pilates and kickboxing classes at the gym. pop physique is great - i would consider getting it if it was closer and if i could be more free with money. but i got it as a groupon to go with amy and karen in the first place and also to try it out. i don't recommend anything persay - just whatever you enjoy and whatever you can keep on doing. that i think is more important.