Thursday, August 23, 2012

Link up time!

How do you know who to marry? Well, ask these kids of course!

If you like comics. Cuz I do.

The Science of Appetite. I like these videos.

The Power of Naps. I knew this all along. Now if only I can convince my manager...

Listen up Ladies! Here's everything real men think is wrong with you. This is a hilarious read I tell ya. I may or may not have forwarded it to every girl I know.

20 odd inventions that I've been waiting for all my life, especially the butter stick (except I would sub with peanut butter - do you know how hard refrigerated natural peanut butter is to spread??) and also the baby mop.

Have you ever seen a flying baby? 'Cuz now is your chance. Or a second chance.

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