Sunday, August 12, 2012

Travels: Northern California

Last weekend, we took a trip up to NorCal with H's parents and cousins to attend H's cousin Harry's wedding. It had been more than 2 years(?) since I had been up north so I was really excited. We started driving Saturday around noon.

The drive was...scenic. Lots of emptyness.

 We saw a bunch of grapevines and other fruit fields where we tried to guess what the fruits were.

More nothingness... 

Oh yes, lots of coffee.

Random tractor. 

Stacks of hay. 

We also saw lots of tomato trucks. We lost count. I told everyone about how tomatoes are actually picked when they are green and are made to mature during transportation, but I'm not sure if everyone appreciated that nutrition tidbit, ha!

We passed by The Oracle, home to the Golden State Warriors.

So much traffic I thought I was back in Los Angeles. Oh but wait, there is a toll bridge!

I love bridges. This is the Bay Bridge. Too bad we didn't get to go through the Golden Gate Bridge.

More random views of SF.

We got to San Francisco (where the wedding was) 2 hours early, so we dropped by Japan Town where they had their annual street fair.

I think they were having some kind of dog show or contests because we saw lots of interesting pooches.

SF is so green. Even their food containers at the fair were of recycled material.

The wedding itself was at a bank reserve. How neat is that! (and no, they are not in the financial business)

Wedding flowers.

Violin trio during the ceremony.

Decoration - isn't this beautiful?!

The wedding menu. One of the very very few American-style weddings I've been to where the food was awesome and filling.

Centerpiece - so beautiful, again.

It was a wonderful, beautiful wedding, and I had lots of fun bonding with H's family and meeting his other cousins. Too bad we had to leave right after the Sunday wedding to drive back to LA because H's parents wanted to go back to work on Monday. We ended up getting home at 4:30am... It was terrible... But at least we made it home safe!

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