Friday, August 10, 2012

Our New (Rental) House

So we have been at our new place for 2 going on 3 weeks now. I will admit that this place grew on me. I initially didn't like it (see picture #1 below), but it's super spacious, especially compared to our 2-bedroom condo prior.

To show you how old this place is, I present, a Tiffany-like lamp hanging from the wall, surrounded by wood panels.

It's the same kind of lamp that my parents' house had when we moved in 22 years ago...

Cool thing is that we have some fruit trees in the backyard and in the neighbor's yard (which reached over the fence to our side).

green apples from neighbor's tree



grapes - the only fruits i tried. they were kinda sour but h's dad said he got some sweet ones.

Unpictured: a hammock.

We also have a white picket fence.

Yep, we are now one of "those" people. With a white picket fence. Can't wait to be able to have people over now!


  1. Heehee - white picket fence! So suburbia! Love it! (Have you seen Suburgatory?)

    1. No I havn't! It's now in my Netflix queue though. Thanks!