Friday, July 13, 2012

Weekend Reading

Serious Stuff!
+ It's a showdown: American Big Mac special sauce vs Canadian Big Mac special sauce. Who won? Neither, in my book.

+ A new vaccine for obesity. Oh yay, let's all skip the gym and be couch potatoes with syringes in our hands.

Fun Stuff!
* Kristen Wiig (a la Bridesmaids) goes glam for Glamour

* Fashion illustrations by Joana Avillez, who works with Refinery29 for their illustrations - love it!

* For my vegetarian friends, a sushi restaurant that doesn't serve fish. Huh. Perhaps they should open one up in Cali.

* LV building in crazy dots

* 10 feel-good movies

* Kim Kardashian sans makeup. I don't know about anyone else, but I love these celebrity-sans-makeup photos.

* A toothpick sculpture of San Francisco - this is insane! And it took 35 years to build!

* A new line of clothing - inspired by the new Batman movie. (Cue the music: nah nah nah nah Batman!)

* And lastly, how to eat lobster in style - just in case you ever wondered, you know.

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