Friday, July 6, 2012

Fab Five Friday {7/6}

This week was a fabulous one as I was home 3 days out of 5. Un-fabulous in that I was home with a really bad cold versus strep throat for 2 days, and the last day I took off to take care of my car. Yep, the car accident from almost 2 months ago could just be getting resolved, yippie! So this is #1.

2. Sleep. Being home for 2 days by myself while feeling like sh*t, there's not that much to do but sleep. And sleep is what I do best. I think my sleep account is almost at net zero now!

3. I didn't really have a 4th of July celebration (ie no fireworks), but we did have a family BBQ for my nephew's birthday. He's turning 7!

4. Jouer Tinted Moisturizer - one of the best I've tried

5. For you fans of The Office, that show would not be the same without Kelly Kapoor. Or Mindy Kaling. Her book sounds just like Kelly talking to me. Is that creepy? Well it's not supposed to be. I really love this book and I would never watch The Office again after reading this.

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