Sunday, July 28, 2013

[hiking] eaton canyon

hubs wanted me to start documenting our hiking trips so here we go!

today we took a local hike up eaton canyon in altadena. we kinda slept in, then the sun came out, so we made it very short.

not my picture, courtesy of modernhiker
time: 1 hour r/t (we didn't finish obviously)

according to hub's fitbit (a pedometer/calorie counter type of thing), we...
...took 7,517 steps
...hiked 3.28 miles
...burned 1,208 calories

i'm suspicious on the calories burned but the other stats seem believable.

eaton canyon is mostly unshaded so it's not recommended for the summer. there is absolutely no scenery whatsoever except rocks, more rocks, dirt, and more dirt. we did this trail a few years ago and got to the waterfall at the end. it's my hope to reach the waterfall again some time this year! i'm also hoping to go another season to see if it's any prettier...

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