Friday, July 5, 2013

Fab Five Friday {7/5}

+ today is my younger nephew's 8th birthday. eight!! my goodness, i can still remember the day he was born (i was in hawaii watching fireworks with friends when i received the call that my sister had gone to the hospital), the month-old party we had at my house for him, his visit to utah when he had just barely begun to walk... and now, at the blink of the eye, he's 8! geez, time sure flies.

+ july fourth bbq with family

+ i have a guest post up! well, sort of.

+ got to meet up with my high school friend/college roomate and meet her 3-month-old baby. she is such a cutie!

+ attended a baby shower and ate yummy food (it was at a tea room)

+ and lastly, the epic picture. of h and my niece. after 2 and a half months, he is finally not-so-afraid to hold her. hahaha!!

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