Friday, August 2, 2013

fab five friday {8/2}

i can't believe it's already august. august is officially my most favorite month because it is hubs and mine birthday month. and also the month of a lot of my friends' birthdays!

ready for this friday's fab five? cuz i got a chock-ful of goodies to share! it's been a good week.

+ brunch with some g'ole friends at plate 38

pulled pork sandwich

three meat omelette
my pulled-pork sandwich turned out to be more like a burger, and hub's three meat omelette was so speechlessly delicious that he didn't even leave me a bite to try. the food was so good but the portions were too just-right. and honestly, the service wasn't as stellar as the first time we went. but we still had a good time.

+ hubs and my new FAVORITE food/piggin' out place bruxie
creme brulee waffle sandwich + irish nachos

+ i saw this at borders and was so tempted to get it but i have too much toys already

+ hubs and my new FAVORITE coffee shop: dripp. it's in the same plaza as bruxie and they specialize in coffee and ice cream and dessert. they are actually kinda a coffee snob but we like it anyways (even though i'm not a big coffee person).

from my instagram

+ and finally, i took 2 days off of work to take my parents to the doctors' this week. it was a busy 2 days but it was still a nice break from work. short work week, yay!

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