Friday, November 9, 2012

Fab Five Friday {11/9}

I just want to begin by saying that I really appreciate all those who read my blog, especially the Fab Five series, regularly. No one comments, but I know some people do read it regularly and for those people, THANK YOU! I don't mean to sound vain, but knowing that there are people who actually like reading my writings and looking at my pictures makes me want to continue doing this.

Now here are the 5 things that made my week.

1. Election!
Now because of some paperwork mix-up, I was not able to vote. I was very, very disappointed. But... I was very happy with the result. ;)

"election donuts" at 7-11

2. Been listing to a lot of Mumford and Sons

This song is probably more popular. It's on the radio a lot.

3. I had food poisoning this week. I lost 2 pant sizes. But on the plus side, we ate at home every single weekday this week! Wait, does Friday count?

This is the shabu meal we made. NOT the meal I got sick from.

4. I'm okay with cherry tomatoes, but I really like the yellow ones. They seem sweeter to me.

5. Starbucks red cups. Mmm...

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  1. n_n < thanks for updating~ I prefer yellow cherry tomatoes over red ones too! Hot pot sounds so good now since the weather is finally cooling down this week. Have a nice weekend! ~panda