Friday, October 26, 2012

Fab Five {10/26}

Here are 5 things this past week that made me happy.

1. A day without stomach pain - been having these more frequently now. Sometimes I can't sleep because of it. So any day without stomach pain is a great day for me!

2. Found a substitute for In-'n-Out: Big Daddy's Fire Grill (Actually had this a couple weeks ago when I wasn't having those stomach pains as frequently - but looking at the picture made me happy... and hungry...)

3. Tried this NatureBox snack box trial and H loves it. We're considering subscribing.

4. Had to go feed H's brother's dogs the past weekend when they were out of town. So cute!

5. A lunch date with some friends in Little Tokyo - bliss.

Other things worth mentioning are that I went running twice this week, one of which was a 10-minute mile which is a big deal to me. Personal record I'd even say.

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