Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The new Coke Mini - Where's the MINI-ness?

I recently came across the news of the release of the new Coke Mini (December 2009).

First off, I looooove the slogan - "pay more, get less." That just makes me want it so much more!

All kidding aside, it's good that food companies are recognizing the need for smaller portioned beverages. BUT, it's still Coke. Do we really need food companies to prepackage foods and beverages for us and say, "Here you go, this will be better for you because it is smaller" despite the fact that it is still soda? Do we really need these prepackaged, calorie-controlled "inventions" because we can't do it ourselves?

As a consumer, this is how I would see it: a Coke mini is 7.5 oz and costs $3.99 (per CSPI - the Center for Science in the Public Interest) for 8 cans, whereas a liter bottle goes for $2, at most (maybe even $1 if on sale or with a coupon). Hmm... would I really opt to pay double and get 60 oz worth of soda (= 1.77 liters) when I can get 1 liter for half that price, even though the former is perfectly calorie controlled for me? Would I now?

You can calorie-pack foods all you want, but if self-restraint is still not exercised and more than one bottle or one package is consumed, then all point is lost. Call me sadistic and nontrusting, but this seems like a ploy to get people to drink more Coke. If you ask me.

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