Sunday, July 10, 2011


I feel tired of late.

Tired of everything that has been going on around me. Tired of socializing and pretending to look vaguely interested in other people's conversation. Tired of trying to keep up. Tired of working on wedding stuff. Tired of thinking about wedding stuff. Tired of trying to save money. Tired of feeling inadequate. Tired of always feeling incompetent. Tired of figuring out what I want from life.

Just tired.

I keep saying/thinking that I want to live. Really live. But it is so hard for me to let go of my fears and worries. I look at other people and I wonder how they do it. How is it that they can afford to travel every few months? How is it that they can buy name-brand things every few months? How is it that they can go out every weekend? How is it that they can just be/look so worry-free?

And how is it that I just can't do it?

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  1. 對一些人來說, regardless of whether they need to or not, they can probably be really carefree since they don't have to worry about financial burdens or family obligations/other responsibilities. 但很多人也都是只把光鮮亮麗的一面表現出來. 看了你的 post 真的感同身受. *pat pat* 我是非 ㄍ一ㄥ 的人. I wonder what it takes to completely let go. *nods*